April 19, 2008

Albuquerque transportation- is it feasible to get around w/o a car?

sandia peaks
John M asked:

Is there any kind of bus service/ tours that would take a person Albuquerque from Albuquerque to Santa Fe? Also how
good is the regular Albuquerque bus service- frequency, how widespread, and how late does it run?

Also are cabs expensive or cheap in Albuquerque?

Also, is the Albuquerque Airport nearby any of these sites:
Sandia Peak Aerial tramway, Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, or the Petroglyph National Monument?

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Comments on Albuquerque transportation- is it feasible to get around w/o a car?

April 20, 2008

mommaslittlemonkeyman @ 8:13 pm

It is really not feasible to get around without a car, unless you plan to pay alot in cab fare. Albuquerque is relatively spread out and cabs are expensive and sparse. There are two cab companies. Use Yellow Cab (505) 247-8888. More cars and not as surly as Albuquerque Cab. There is a shuttle service to Santa Fe. Look to pay about $40/ person. Bus Service runs from 5am to 10pm. They can get you to most places in town if you have a couple of hours. The Airport is on the south of town and is about 15 miles from Sandia Peak ( NorthEast Side), 5 miles from Indian Pueblo CC (Southwest), and 15 miles from Petroglyph (Far WestSide and a waste of time!).

April 22, 2008

paull1956 @ 7:28 am

Although it has been twenty years since I lived in NM, Albuquerque seemed to be based on a car using public.