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November 11, 2008

Question for experienced Santa Fe skiers?

santa fe vacation
k-9fanatic asked:

We are going on a vacation to Santa Fe to ski for the first time like in Feb or March 08 and I want to bring my Labrador Retriever with. I have quite a few questions though.

1. What is a good accomodation near the slopes that is dog friendly? Is there an extra charge for her?
2. Are dogs allowed on the slopes? Is there an extra charge for her?
3. When we are not skiing, our dogs allowed to walk through the city with us?
4. What about outdoor restaurants?
5. What about shops and stores?
6. Is there a good dog park or dog walk area near the slopes?
7. What other things can you do in Santa Fe with your dog?

I told you I had a lot of questions. Basically, I would like you to give me all the info you have on dogs in Santa Fe. Thanks a lot!

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