March 24, 2008

Taos Patriotic Revolt 1847, Hispanic Nationalism in New Mexico?

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hillibillycat56 asked:


I’m looking for people with knowledge about the 1847 Patriotic Revolt in Taos, development of the Mexican War in New Mexico and Southern Colorado and the events that followed.

New Mexicans have been told since 1847 that they’re Spanish and not Mexican, the Anglo domination broke the alliance that existed between Hispanics and Pueblos and this is the reason why ther hasn’t been any strong Nationalist opposition to the United States in New Mexico.

I want more information on these issues.

I run a website and magazine that supports the Nationalist (not Chicano) cause in Mexico and the Southwest and this is a good opportunity for young or amateur historians to make themselves known.

My e-mail is: info@voluntad.org.mx

Thanks for your help

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