November 12, 2008

where is the best place to travel internationally with a 6 month old baby on vacation?

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eorife asked:

We want to go somewhere exotic and fun, but safe for our baby. We used to love to travel and my husband and I want to retain our wunderlust even after baby. Places that we have enjoyed in the past include Jamaica, Spain, Italy, France, England, Montreal - Canada, Costa Rica and in the US (Miami, Santa Fe, Orlando, New York, etc..)

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Comments on where is the best place to travel internationally with a 6 month old baby on vacation?

November 16, 2008

Ralph the Sage @ 1:45 am

With a baby you may want someplace that has a more relaxed atmosphere, is safe, comfortable and warm. I recommend Aruba in January or February, but remember that come Mardi Gras, things do get noisy. Otherwise a fantastic holiday place. I returned there twice and the first time I took my three kids there. Wonderful experience!!

November 17, 2008

nachosmyman @ 12:30 pm

I would suggest Phuket, Thailand. The weather is gorgeous and you can spend time on the beach. There are lots of families with babies (mostly from Europe) so it is very infant friendly. Have fun!

November 18, 2008

CrazyCate @ 2:58 pm

Mmmm…I use to travel A LOT, and now have 3 kids ( 4yrs, 18months & 18 months) and okay…I don’t travel as much…but we still manage. When we had only one we went to France and Cuba…and now we are going back to Cuba with the whole gang…
What you have to concider…
For the Caribbeans you need the hepatitis A shot and that you can’t give to a baby (it’s 1y and up).
I would check out the shots you have to get to go to different countries, that might give you a shorter list…forget many Countries in Asia and South America…
Most of Europe should be fine…have you thought of Greece?
I would forget about big Cities like Paris … my friend went with her 2 young kids and said it was hell…some cities are not made to travel with a stroller…
And also think about the time it takes to get there…I would tell you to go to Japan because it’s probably one of the nicest place I’ve seen…but you have to think that it’s take more than 24 hours away with airport time..etc,…to get there it will feel like double the time with a baby!
We chose Cuba because it’s a 3 hour flight from were we live (Montreal) and we wanted a real vacation of doing nothing…but I guess Europe is maybe the in between but think about the weather also at this time of year…
Well…I hope I helped a bit…and not discouraged you!
good luck!

Lady Yaz @ 7:36 pm

You’re a brave soul if you’re considering an international flight with a babe.

In your shoes my primary considerations would be minimal exposure to disease (of the exotic variety), and access to reasonable healthcare. Also, in case of emergency, I’d want to have a good grasp of the language. So, unless you’re fluent in another language(s), I’d recommend the British Isles.

Candidates for consideration: Devon/Cornwall at the southern end, or the Scottish Highlands (the Inverness area is beautiful) to the north. Although not “exotic”, both offer rugged scenery and plenty to do. Of course, you’ll know to moderate your expectations of the British climate if you’re travelling during the Winter months!