November 11, 2008

Vacation in Cabo, which is better? Hotel Riu or Melia Cabo Real?

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ellyezr asked:

We are going on vacation in Feb. and we were given four recommendations but one was already booked so we were down to:

Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas
Hotel Riu Santa Fe
Melia Cabo Real

Which is best, from experience and which is best, value wise?
rhino, i know how to use google, thank you very much.
rhino, i know how to use google, thank you very much.

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Comments on Vacation in Cabo, which is better? Hotel Riu or Melia Cabo Real?

November 11, 2008

rhino72032 @ 10:00 pm

Click the link below to see how travelers who frequent the Trip Advisor website have ranked 62 Cabo San Lucas hotels.
Riu Santa Fe Hotel is number 19.
Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas is number 21.
Melia Cabo Real is in San Jose del Cabo and it ranked number 15 against other hotels in that town. Click the second link to see reviews of the 31 hotels in that town.

November 15, 2008

Carlos Z @ 12:15 am

all are good, facing the same beach, but heres more fun at the Melia during day and night because of the beach club (Nikki Beach)

cabochick23 @ 10:02 am

Hola! I can give you the 411 since I live here! Each place has + and -.’s.

Riu Palace is an all-inclusive 5 star. It is close to town, it is on a nice beach. It is about 30 minutes from airport. It is HUGE so don’t expect that personal touch you get with smaller places.

Riu Sante Fe is next door to Riu Palace, and is the smaller more newer version (which isn’t always a good thing). I find an older crowd prefer this all-inclusive.

Melia Cabo Real is older and established (which isn’t always a good thing). It is about 15 minutes out of town, on a very busy freeway. The beach is nice but ocean tends to be strong in winter. It is about 15 minutes from airport
Carlos Z answer is not right. He is thinking of the Melia ME CSL, not the Melia Real.

What ever you pick, all 3 are pretty good as far as places to stay. We are lucky that way, none of the resorts are dives. Have a great vacation in Cabo!

November 16, 2008

Sarah W @ 7:35 pm

I’ve stayed at all of them (I’m a 6 month local, so I spend pretty much half of every year in Cabo), and I liked them all. I felt like the Riu was a little overrated, so big and new, and a little too “scene”. I personally think that value wise you can’t beat the Melia. They have an amazing staff and an amazing restaurant, and their bartenders are great (especially by the pool)! They also have fun activities for everyone and shuttles/taxis to town running constantly. And their spa, the Avanti, is great!

Coming from LA, I don’t find the freeway from Meli CR to town bad at all, but I have heard of quite a few accidents on it (never been in one myself, though).

The Nikki Beach is at the Melia CSL, not the Melia CR, though (but it’s definitely way fun!)

November 17, 2008

dixa2008 @ 5:13 am

Read the hotel details and reviews here

Hotel Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas
Riu Santa Fe All Inclusive Hotel San Jose del Cabo
Riu Santa Fe Hotel Cabo San Lucas
Melia Cabo Real Beach & Golf Resort San Jose del Cabo
Melia Cabo Real Hotel Cabo San Lucas